Decarbonising waste to energy, optimising resources
- the essential business opportunity for the global waste to energy industry

The Energy from Waste Conference 2025 will once again bring together an exceptional line-up of the industry's best speakers, with technical experts, international leaders, and innovative developers providing an unmissable two days of the latest information.

Benefit from a packed two-day programme; explore the critical issues with the industry's best speakers and technical experts and take part in in-depth discussion sessions and robust debates.

Gain real value from the plentiful networking times with fellow industry leaders, enabling meetings, connections, and business growth.

 Key Topics from 2024 

- The Emissions Trading Schemes, ETS, in the UK and EU – implications, costs and impact
- Policy developments – across waste and resources, energy, fuels and heat
- Feedstock – volumes, composition, location and changing market demands
- Decarbonisation – CCS business models, the challenge of remote plants, the role for CCU
- Decarbonisation – increased sorting and removal of plastics – is there a viable business model?
- The opportunities around SAF and fuels – is this the start of structural change for the waste to energy industry?

- Heat network development – time for increased take-up in the UK?
- Ageing plants and plants “in the wrong place” – what does the future hold for these assets and how should they be managed and contracted?
- Growth markets – important opportunities for business development
- RDF, trade, flows and specialist fuels – will RDF become too valuable to export? And if so, what are the implications elsewhere?
- Investment – how much does sustainability and the ESG credentials of waste affect investors decision making?
And many more...