Paul James BSc MSc, SLR Consulting Ltd ; session chair
Paul James BSc MSc
Technical Director
SLR Consulting Ltd ; session chair

Originally trained as an Industrial Chemist and in Chemical Engineering, Paul has spent over 30 years working internationally in the Energy and Environment fields for both the public and private sector, and in consultancy.

His experience covers renewable energy and waste technologies, industrial emissions and impact reduction, project & policy/regulatory development & implementation. He has specific sector expertise in waste-to-energy and biomass energy, and more recently has become involved in carbon capture projects and regulatory standards.

Working for the European Commission he contributed to the development of key EU waste and environmental policy, including as Author of the first EU “Best Available Techniques” Reference (BREF) document on thermal waste treatments. Since then, he has worked internationally on numerous projects for the development and implementation of waste and energy infrastructure, in both a technical and project management capacity, as an adviser to industry, regulators, national and international governments & agencies, and has developed leading international consulting businesses in these areas.

Paul is a current member of various industry sector groups on EFW, carbon capture and heat, and was Chairman of the UK Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) Special Interest Group on Thermal Waste Treatment for over a decade. Amongst various projects, he is currently acting as an expert adviser to OECD on industrial environmental regulation