Jurgen Reinmann, ENVEA GmbH
Jurgen Reinmann
General Manager

Juergen Reinmann is the Director Regulatory and Member of the Executive Board of the ENVEA Group. ENVEA is a leading provider of environment management solutions, including CEMs for all regulated components as e.g. dust, gases but also mercury, dioxins and biogenic CO2. Until the end of 2023 he was Managing Director of ENVEA GmbH, the German subsidiary of the ENVEA Group. Juergen has been active for more than 20 years in the field of the long-term sampling of micro-pollutants like dioxins, mercury, heavy metals and biogenic CO2. He is member of the European standardization groups TC264 WG 1 for the dioxin measurement standard EN 1948 and WG 8 for mercury and heavy metal sampling and measurement. He received his diploma degree in Physic from Goethe University in Frankfurt / Main Germany in 1990.