Sponsors 2023

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at Energy from Waste 2024?  

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Platinum Sponsor 2023

Green Transition Holding, GTH - Platinum sponsor

GTH addresses the increasing demand for sustainable waste infrastructure and low carbon energy globally. We develop, invest in and build out proven technology and solutions to support the energy transition, specializing in Energy-from-Waste, Bio Energy District Heating and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Within our Group Companies and management team we have more than 30 years of industrial experience and knowhow, this is our license to operate and key enabler. GTH currently owns an operating portfolio of Bio Energy District Heating plants in Norway and has several Energy-from-Waste and CCS projects under development in the UK and Canada.


Gold Sponsor 2023

Greenergy - Gold sponsor

Greenergy is a leading waste-based renewable fuel manufacturer and supplier of transport fuels across the UK and internationally. 

Committed to reducing emissions in transport fuels, Greenergy has been developing lower carbon fuels for transport for over thirty years. As Europe’s largest manufacturer of biodiesel from waste, Greenergy operates three biodiesel plants: two in the UK and one in Amsterdam.

Today, Greenergy are continuing to apply their expertise in waste derived renewables to develop next generation projects for transport and the petrochemical sector, driving decarbonisation and supporting a circular economy.


Hitachi Zosen Inova - Gold sponsor

Zurich-based Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) is a global leader in energy from waste. HZI acts as an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor and project developer, delivering complete turnkey plants and system solutions for thermal and biological EfW recovery. Its solutions are based on efficient and environmentally sound technology, are thoroughly tested, and can be flexibly adapted to user requirements. HZI's Service Group combines absolute commitment to research and development with extensive manufacturing and assembly capabilities and looks after your plant throughout its entire life cycle. The company's customers range from experienced waste management companies to up-and-coming partners in new markets worldwide. HZI's innovative and reliable waste and flue gas treatment, as well as gas upgrading and power-to-gas solutions have been part of over 700 reference projects since 1933.


KEW Technology + Circular Fuels - Gold sponsor

KEW Technology is a sustainable energy solutions company converting waste and low-grade biomass effectively  and efficiently to produce a portfolio of low carbon gases and fuels (such as natural gas substitutes, rDME, Hydrogen, SAF, etc) for application in hard to decarbonise energy sectors. KEW have developed and are commercially deploying their own proprietary advanced gasification solution, a form of Advanced Conversion Technology, which is already proven and operating at commercial-scale at their Sustainable Energy Centre in the UK. KEW’s mission is to deliver solutions that help address the energy trilemma – the provision of energy affordably, sustainably and in a secure manner. They are dedicated to help companies and communities in converting waste and a wide range of feedstocks into different types of energy vectors through their patented modular solutions with a vision to deliver a world beyond fossil fuels.  

Circular Fuels Ltd (CFL) is a joint venture between Dimeta (a joint-venture between SHV Energy and UGI International; the world’s two largest LPG market players) and KEW Technology (a sustainable energy solutions company).
CFL is a specialised project development company, which develops construction-ready waste-to-rDME production plants using KEW’s proprietary advanced gasification technology, a form of Advanced Conversion Technology.


Technip Energies - Gold sponsor

Technip Energies is a leading provider of consulting, engineering services and technologies for the low-carbon energy market. We deliver CCUS solutions and develop the next generation of CCUS technologies that will help industrial companies reduce carbon emissions in a sustainable manner for decades to come.

With more than 50 years of experience in removing and managing CO2 in natural gas syngas and now carbon capture plants in multiple competency centres, Technip Energies is well qualified to design and execute your CCUS project from capture to sequestration or valorisation systems. We assist our clients in defining the best techno-economical carbon management strategies while integrating their critical needs and constraints. Our collaboration with various industry partners and start-ups, and our proprietary technologies allow us to offer clients the most up-to-date solutions for the CCUS market.

We are the engineering partner of choice for deploying CO2 capture in ground-breaking applications, such as on a gas-fired power plant and a waste-to-energy plant.


Silver Sponsor 2023

Aker Carbon Capture - Silver sponsor

Aker Carbon Capture is a pure-play carbon capture company with solutions, services and technologies serving a range of industries, including the cement, bio and waste-to-energy, gas-to-power and blue hydrogen segments. Aker Carbon Capture’s proprietary carbon-capture technology offers a unique, environmentally friendly solution for removing CO₂ emissions.


Augean - Silver sponsor

Augean manages hard to handle wastes focussing on delivering the best environmental outcomes at its UK treatment and disposal infrastructure.   

For the Energy from Waste and Biomass sectors, Augean is the UK’s market leader for the treatment of APCr and Fly Ashes, and hazardous Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA), providing routes for recovery and disposal.

We understand the technical challenges when transporting and handling these specialist waste streams and we have the appropriate permits and processes in place to treat many different types of energy plant residues.

Augean has processed APCr for over 10 years and annually treats around 200,000 tonnes of APCr and Fly Ash, and around 40,000 tonnes of hazardous IBA, at two strategically located facilities in Teesside and near Peterborough.

Augean has a proven track record for safely and compliantly collecting and treating residues from energy plants, whilst delivering excellent customer service.

Contact: info@augean.co.uk Tel: 01937 844980


Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) - Silver sponsor

Established in 1867, Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) is a global leader in renewable, environmental and thermal technologies and services for power and industry. We continue to meet the challenges of providing low-carbon technology solutions. 

Through our Renewable segment and Vølund™ technology, B&W has supplied more than 650 waste-to-energy plants (WTE) worldwide. WTE is a cost-effective and ecologically sound way to recover valuable resources by producing electricity and/or providing heating and cooling, and by diverting waste from landfills. It can be a significant part of today’s circular economy. We have engineered, built and operated systems for both mass burning of municipal solid waste (MSW) and utilizing refuse-derived fuel (RDF). The maximum recovery of resources is a top priority in both system designs. 

Our DynaGrate® pivoting combustion grates and Precision Jet® overfire air systems are advanced designs which provide environmental benefits during combustion, including the destruction of dioxins and furans, and minimized formation of NOx, CO and unburned carbon. 

B&W’s suite of ClimateBright™ decarbonization technologies includes SolveBright™ post-combustion carbon capture which absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from flue gas in an absorber using a regenerable solvent; OxyBright™ oxygen-combustion; BrightGen™ hydrogen combustion; and the BrightLoop™ chemical looping process which isolates CO2 for storage/sequestration or beneficial use while producing desirable outputs such as hydrogen, steam and/or syngas. The BrightLoop process works with a vast array of feedstock such as natural gas, biomass, municipal solid waste, petroleum coke and coal in both new and retrofit applications. 

We are leaders in providing thermal steam generation solutions as well as a full suite of emissions control and environmental technologies, cooling systems, ash handling systems, particulate control, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides removal, mercury control, and flue gas condensation for energy recovery. Integrated aftermarket services include engineered equipment upgrades, replacement parts, condition assessment, field engineering services, and construction.


MARR Contracting - Silver sponsor

Marr Contracting are world leaders in the design and delivery of heavy lift luffing tower cranes and heavy lifting services. With almost 100 years’ experience working on large-scale construction projects in Australia and around the world, their expertise spans the large-scale construction, mining, oil and gas, power, nuclear, major transport infrastructure, technology and marine sectors. Not just a crew and cranes for hire, they’re big thinkers and problem solvers who love a challenge with a string of ‘world firsts’ to their name – including the world’s largest capacity tower crane, the Marr 2480D Heavy Lift Luffing (HLL) crane.


Bronze Sponsor 2023

Bevan Brittan - Bronze sponsor

Bevan Brittan is a UK-Top 100 national law firm. We specialise in the energy from waste (EfW) sector and our award-winning teams have advised on over 40 EfW developments. We advise on land issues, securing planning and permits, obtaining finance, project structuring, waste supply and offtake arrangements, grid connection and power purchase contracts. Through our sector expertise, we will provide up to date market advice, help you develop a suitable project delivery structure, ensure bankability, secure Government subsidies and minimise commercial risk.


Fluor - Bronze sponsor

Fluor is an essential partner in the production of safer, cleaner, and sustainable energy solutions to meet the world’s increasing demand. Fluor provides EPC services for the production and fuels, chemicals, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and nuclear power services markets. We focus on the energy transition markets, including carbon capture, renewable fuels, waste-to-energy, green chemicals, hydrogen, and other low-carbon energy sources. At the same time, we continue to serve the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries with full project life-cycle services, including expansion and modernization projects as well as in sustaining capital work.

Fluor’s 41,000 employees active in over 60 countries provide deep experience in engineering, technology, supply chain, program management, and construction management. Fluor has the knowledge and reach to tackle tough challenges, delivering projects on time, within budget, and with an outstanding HSE record. Fluor designs and constructs projects around the globe that positively impact our clients’ businesses and our communities. Our approach spans all phases of design and EPC. We leverage our supply chain advantages by using a global procurement network and in-country suppliers. Together, we’re able to meet the requirements of today’s global clients – from innovative delivery and cost certainty to capital efficiency and project safety.


Torishima Service Solutions Europe Ltd - Bronze sponsor

Torishima is a leading pump manufacturer, founded in 1919 in Osaka, Japan. Our primary objective is to contribute to society as a quality provider of pumping equipment and services. We continue to strive to be the market leader in our field, our on-going investment in research and development highlights our commitment to provide the best technology for our customers. Our mission is always to listen to our customers, understand their needs and meet their expectations. We offer our products in the following four domains: High-Tech Pumps, Projects, Renewable Energy & Environment, Service Solutions. Torishima is also fully committed to maintaining harmony in the environment.


Remote sponsor

Technikgruppe - Remote sponsor

TECHNIKGRUPPE  is an Austrian company and technology provider for a unique automation system for combustion optimization on forward moving reciprocating grates. Implementation of TECHNIKGRUPPE´S combustion optimization system can enhance incineration capacity and reduce maintenance costs.