Ways forward for CCS delivery on waste to energy plants

15 March 2023 16:05 - 16:45

How can we decarbonise dispersed energy from waste plants?  Paul Davies, Director 7CO2, CCS advisor to Viridor
With over half of the UK’s energy from waste plants sitting away from CCS pipelines, how will they decarbonise with impending ETS carbon pricing?  The session will consider progress on CO2 shipping and local capture and rail transportation and the economics of regional carbon capture.

Decarbonising Energy-from-Waste – integrating a post-combustion capture facility.  Adya Deshmukh, Senior Process Engineer, Fluor Ltd

Paul Davies, Director 7CO2, CCS advisor to Viridor, Viridor

Adya Deshmukh CEng, Senior Process Engineer / CCUS Technology , Fluor Ltd

Paul James BSc MSc, Technical Director , SLR Consulting Ltd ; session chair