Dr Adam Read, Suez Recycling & Recovery UK
Dr Adam Read
Chief Sustainability & External Affairs Officer
Suez Recycling & Recovery UK

Dr Adam Read has spent the last 6 years at SUEZ leading on government engagement concerning UK waste & resource policy reform, sitting on industry working groups, drafting written consultations and calls for evidence and presenting to Government Committees. He has worked on energy recovery projects for more than 20 years, as a consultant, client, contractor and community engagement specialist, having previously developed planning guidance for Welsh Government on new residual waste infrastructure. Adam is a regular conference speaker and facilitator, a technical report author and a frequent blogger and social media enthusiast. He is a Fellow of the CIWM, the RSA, IOM3 and the Royal Geographical Society and was the CIWM ‘s 105th President when he championed the opportunities for green skills delivery in our sector as part of decarbonising the UK.