Arjun Handa, Abellon
Arjun Handa

Arjun Handa is the Vice Chairman and MD of Claris Group. He has an MBA from Northeastern University, Boston, USA,. Arjun likes to add value to the lives of people in the world through his businesses and investments and contributes to society by creating opportunities for people in the fields of sports and culture.

In 2007, when Arjun took control of Claris, it was a small family business. He has grown it into a global specialty injectables company generating significant value; over US$ 1 billion (in 2017); for shareholders. His experience with Claris includes raising a PE with Carlyle, IPO in 2010, three strategic transactions with Pfizer (USA), Otsuka (Japan) and Baxter (USA), and delisting of Claris and delivering value to shareholders in 2018.

Arjun has been recognized for his entrepreneurial and leadership qualities by The Economic Times ‘Promising Entrepreneurs of India’, ‘Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award’ by Enterprise Asia, Great Places to Work Award by Economic Times, ‘The Next 500’ by Fortune India, to name a few.

After exiting the Pharma business and rewarding his shareholders, Arjun is now focusing on cleaning the waste from the cities of Gujarat, India, as the Chairman of Abellon. Abellon; a wholly owned subsidiary of Claris; is a Waste Management company with interests in waste-to-energy, plastic recycling and bio CNG. Abellon has one existing facility in Jamnagar (Gujarat) and three more under various states of development in Ahmedabad, Baroda, and Rajkot (all Gujarat). The Jamnagar facility was commissioned in November 21 and now Jamnagar is a ZERO waste to Dumpsite City.

Apart from work, Arjun likes to read books on entrepreneurship and management, is a car & technology freak, and holds a deep interest in world music. He was also a professional football player and to show gratitude for his achievements, he invests and mentors’ entrepreneurs to take India forward.