During three days of cutting-edge content from over 80 leading industry speakers, waste to energy professionals
from more than 30 countries came together virtually at Energy from Waste 2021. 

They gained the very latest technical and market information, shared expertise and formed valuable business contacts at the UK and Europe's premier energy from waste conference.

With record numbers of attendees, and a programme that encompassed policy developments, operational optimisation, alternative fuels, hydrogen development and Carbon Capture and Storage, Energy from Waste 2021 illustrated the dynamism of the waste to energy sector, and its vital role in the drive to net zero.

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Energy from Waste 2021:

  • Policy insights for resources and waste, enabling you to accurately plan your organisation's direction and strategies.
  • Project delivery success stories - learn what investors are looking for and explore how EPC risks and challenges are being resolved with new delivery models.
  • The role of waste to energy in the drive to net zero - there are market opportunities in plastics and chemicals, and feedstocks are changing - find out what it means for plant operators and owners and the wider structure of the industry.
  • The gains from upgrading older plants - examine how the economics stack up from case studies of major revamping projects to keep plants up to date on legislation and efficiency.
  • Future-proofing - hear some of the first information on a proposed CCS project on a waste to energy plant in the UK and gain lessons learnt from a plant in Europe.
  • Plus, hear from BEIS speaker on business case model developments for CCS and examine how they might work in practice.
  • Make contacts in key growth markets - from Australia to Brazil, and Central and Eastern Europe, we focus on a number of important growth markets for waste to energy and explore what these markets are looking for.
  • Benefit from invaluable discussions with industry leaders as countries steer towards the net zero goals, and ensure you have the facts to keep your organisation ahead of the game.

Here's what some of our attendees had to say about Energy from Waste 2020:

The most stimulating conference for active developers in the sector and a great place to engage with the right people.
Daniel Smyth
Senior Director Major Projects
RPS | Consulting UK & Ireland

The EfW confence is THE event to be at for companies involved in this sector. Meticulously organized, with a perfect blend of expert presentations on current issues, where asset owners, investors, operators and vendors alike come away with real value leading to better cooperation and competence within the sector.
Marina Silva
International Marketing Manager

An amazingly well run event.
Delegates seemed genuinely interested with a lot of international interest such as the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.
Nicholas Hannon
Head of Environment and Waste
Milton Keynes Council

A really good event.  We must have made twenty or thirty contacts – the sort of people it takes months to try to get to see.
James Heath
Business Development UK

Standardkessel Baumgarte

The EfW  conference  was an excellent place  to  exchange  knowledge with other technical  experts and business people. It is a really international conference. It was a pleasure to talk with old friends, and of course, to meet new  participants.

Damir Zibrat
Business Development Manager


We are having conversations with three companies which we met at the last Energy from Waste conference, and they are exploring various business options.

Michal Mravinac, Director of UK & Ireland Operations, CzechInvest

Attending the Energy from Waste conference has been very fruitful, with a number of new projects and investors having come through these contacts

Jonathan Guthrie, Head of Low Carbon Investment, Scottish Government

"I really appreciate the presentations – they provide a wide view of the markets We met a lot of contacts from the UK and increasingly from outside of the UK. The event is important because the UK is the leading country for RDF / SRF exports, and trade is continuing to grow."

Satu Kivela, Managing Director, Cross Wrap

Perfectly organised, definitely worth attending

Ing. Kamil Potoma, Technician - Waste to Energy Projects, Marius Pedersen, Slovakia

I think this year’s conference was very good. I enjoyed the panel discussions and key speakers from Defra, Decc and European Commission

Xiaomian Baxter, Technology Engineer, SSE

We are very happy after attending the EfW conference and we truly think that it has been very interesting and we have no doubt that we will come back next year

Ainhoa Zaballa, Sales Director, SARTECH ENGINEERING, Spain

...another excellent conference…the chairing was excellent and really appreciated the lifting of perspectives beyond waste, beyond energy to resources...

Dr Chris Manson-whitton, Director, Progressive Energy

The best conference of its type

Adrian Judge, Director, Tolvik Consulting